April Showers

As I sit here listening to the rain it makes me remember the old adage April showers bring May flowers. The rain is actually a welcome sight for me since we have had so much pollen and sickness. I hope it is washing all that away! The beginning of this month has been a bust due to those things and this weekend will be crunch time as I get ready for The District Antique Market and Vintage Sale in Baxter, TN.

I attended this wonderful little market last fall for the first time. I thought it was perfect! The venue was beautiful and very nice. Since the barn and grounds are on the new side there is little that weather can hamper. My second favorite thing about it was the size! Just right with enough to justify the little trip but not so overwhelming that I left exhausted. Thirdly, it has top quality stuff. It is a great mix of antiques and handmade items. The prices are very good so everyone can leave with a little something new or a lot of somethings! I hope you will come check it out!

In the way of products for Spring I have debuted 2 new scents so far and another coming in early May. March brought Lime Mint,

April brought Blackberry Sage

and May will bring Yuzu. I will write more about the Yuzu next month but until then, I hope you have tried the Lime and Blackberry.

I think they are great scents for Spring and will carry throughout the whole summer!

Also, I have a reformulated lip balm

which is getting rave reviews and lip scrub which has been a hotly requested item. All locations have these items in stock for you to try. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you are having a beautiful and healthy spring!

Blissfully Yours,


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