What's Up for Spring?

Spring is a busy time for all of us! I get a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done from cleaning to yard work. Right now my current project is purging things I don't need and rearranging furniture. This is long overdue since the chaos began when my daughter went to college over a year and a half ago.

Since spring is a clean and invigorating time I thought I would highlight my scent for March, Lime Mint! It is the perfect combination of Citrus and a touch of invigorating Mint. When people think Lime they usually think tart but that is not so for Lime Mint. It has a hint of sweetness to curb the tart Lime. I hope you will stop by any of my retail locations and pick some up. It's a perfect treat for your body after all that spring cleaning or birthday gift. Speaking of gifts.... any customers who need those can contact me directly and I can package those up for a gift you will be proud to give!

I hope you have a wonderful March - those winds are blowing Spring in!

Blissfully Yours,


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