Website & Logo Refresh

Hello Customers! One of the favorite things that I love to do is brand. I am always trying to think of appealing ways to package my products that will make them user friendly and eye catching. Over the past year I have been doing some converting to plastic packaging vs. glass. I love the look of glass and will still use it from time to time but people have asked for pumps on the lotion so that called for plastic bottles. I also hate to pay shipping on glass because its super expensive and that is a factor when I am pricing my items. I will still continue to give discounts to those who bring back my glass jars for refills for a discount. I am always happy to do that.

Another thing you may notice changing is my logo and stickers. I had the others since the beginning and it was time for an update. I kept the birds because I love birds (kind of a trademark) Thanks to the help of the very talented Michele Smith of Wordsouth for developing the new one for me. She helped me through the process of what I like and don't like and made it very painless. She is the best!

I hope you like the look and feel of the new site. Let me know if you see spelling errors or if something doesn't make sense. Feedback is always awesome!

As January comes to an end I hope you will remember Aconoction for your Valentine's gift needs. Chloe's Paris is the featured scent for February. It is a super romantic fragrance but not perfumy like many of them. Every retail location should have plenty of stock by the end of this week.

Slather up in lotion to keep itchy skin at bay, wrap up in a snuggly blanket and enjoy the winter! Don't miss a chance to get outside when you can though. Winter can be a beautiful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors! Here is a pic from a recent winter hike I took and the weather was perfect!


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