Adventures in the rain

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to a very wet Sweet Ila Mae's Barn Sale this year! Oh you were brave... those dried cow paddies looked so innocent until the rain came. Do you know what they transform into with a little water? FRESH cow #?%!. I grew up on a farm and it doesn't get any simpler than that!

My booth was for the first time ever the best location ever! I chose to have a booth in the barn and it was so wonderful to not have to wrestle with a tent or worry if my product was going to stay dry.

The second greatest thing was the addition of my friend Susan Bain of Sweet Suzi's Blue Ribbon Fudge. Susan is the most awesome salesperson ever and makes me look like a wallflower when it comes to dealing with customers.

Yes, the rain hurt sales but all in all we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Since the rains came down and the floods came up I have plenty of stock. I will be going out to all retail locations this week and spreading Aconcoction all around. Et Cetera, The Local Lofts, Rustic Touch and Jamie a. Boutique will all get new stock this week.

Finally, I have been so thankful for the large orders coming in for birthday favors and weddings. I sent a huge order of Bath Bombs to a 40th birthday bash recently and I hope all of the ladies enjoyed them. It is such an honor to be thought of for those special gifts.

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