Don't look like a scratching dog this winter!

I would like to talk skin in this post. On days I get up late and don't use my lotion I remind myself of a dog scratching fleas! That's night a pretty sight.... I have to remember to take time for me and smooth on that creamy goodness every morning and night.

Let's talk ingredients- The main ingredient in my lotion is shea butter. Its benefits for skin are unparelled! The moisterizers in shea butter are the same moisturziers produced by the sebaceous glands of the skin. No wonder our skin loves it!

Winter means it's time to cuddle with the one you love and I recommend Chloe's Paris- its a great scent and was the first scent I ever rolled out. I think its a natural pick for Valentine's Day with its romantic Black Amber and Lavender scent. Coconut Milk Soap, Shea & Aloe Lotion and Whipped Sugar Scrub are all available in Chloe's Paris. If you don't find it at my retail locations then message me and I will be sure to get it in stock for you. I also created a new soap called Cherokee Rose. With is smoky afternotes, its not your Granny's rose! I hope you will give it a try. It is also made from coconut milk so its great for your skin!

I hope this post gets you through the heart of winter and we will meet on the other side! AKA - Spring!


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