Happy Fall Ya'll!

It's the prime of the fall season now and I just got some pictures from the great event Sweet Ila Mae's Fall Barn Sale which was earlier in October. The hits of the sale was the Figs & Berries lotion and soap, anything in the Haystack scent and the Apples & Acorns soap. I still have these scents in stock and want to invite you to pick up some at any of these locations - Et Cetera, Kathy's of McMinnville and Rustic Touch. You can also pick up directly from me. I also have a new product coming out in November. It's called Queen Bee Lip Balm. I have had some friends testing it and its going over great! It has made with an Olive Oil and Shea Butter Base and I am particular about my lip balm so it's primo stuff! It has a soft honey scent which is sweet and natural! I hope all of you have a very blessed fall and enjoy the changing of the seasons. It's a beautiful time to be in Tennessee!

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